Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting started

No Face Press in the newest incarnation of Thomas Davis' (aka Sunsetbrew) art exploration. This incarnation will be based on creating art through letterpress printing.

In the past, Sunsetbrew's art have been mostly woodcuts hand pressed either with a baren or an antique iron copy press or some combination of those. In the same concept, a transition is underway to bring the printing into a new creative direction using the letterpress.

Is the letterpress better than hand burnishing? Hand pressed woodcuts are very special and each is unique. However, there is a tremendous amount of control loss preventing even loosely consistent reproductions. The same feel can produced on the letterpress using the wood blocks, but with a more consistent and reliable reproduction. However, working the wood to the specifications of the letterpress requires more attention.

Is the letterpress better than screen printing? They are just different. Screen printing excels are certain things like large solid areas. And letterpress makes imprints and possibly more detail.

The art style of Sunsetbrew seems like a better fit for the letterpress. Only time will tell.

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